Get In Touch With Latest Social Network Update News

Social Media NewsAs social networking or new digital media has its roots gradually expanding deep beneath technology, they share an extremely efficient bond that can be seen every now and then. The app developers, website owners, and managers are continuously experimenting with the latest technology to tweak their existing platforms and bring in something new, something attractive and something immersive for the customers to keep them engaged! How about getting through the latest update on technology and social networking? Here is all that you need to know!

1) Instagram testing up its new feature, to peep into your news feed.
Starting from a mere photo-sharing platform, Instagram today has millions of users, who are highly active and are extremely engaged with features like story posting, video sharing, tagging, boomerangs and a lot much. As the developers keep on twisting up their features every now and then, they are now experimenting with their new way to let you view the news feed and latest stories.
Currently, when you advance from one post to another, you either need to swipe up or swipe down, however with this new feature being added up, you might just need to tap on the screen, and the posts will go on moving. This could bring in better experience as most of us are single-handed phone users.

2) Facebook introduces the latest anti-bullying tools! Will they work or not?
This social media giant has never been on back foot, even after the emergence of great competitors like Whatsapp and snapchat. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most versatile places to be at and share your experiences with people. However, there have been various cases of cyberbullying coming up within the past few years. Facebook has lately announced some new set of principles and measures to tackle up with abuse and bullying on the platform. You can now put up the problems on behalf of someone else while using great tools for high profile security.
Along with the same, you can now delete multiple comments posted upon any feed, altogether just through the comment moderation tool. This will bitterly system the society as people can keep themselves away from getting trapped into negative fights, while also maintaining a decorum for others.

3) Snapchat makes its debut with 12 fresh and original shows containing Ar portals
Recently, the parent company of snapchat has introduced 12 amazing shows to make its mark in the world of video content. The “snap originals” series would allow all the viewers to swipe up over their phones to view the virtual show portals and they can also be a part of it by steeping in through augmented reality (AR).

Snapchat has always been the master of uniqueness, and thus, it also helped in large scale popularization of filters and AR lenses. They even created custom lenses that are highly interactive, for certain shows that eventually urge all the viewers to come up and share their experiences. The producers of each of these 12 originals are extremely confident about what they have come up with. To enhance your experience and make it look much appealing on screen, they have used a vertical format. All of the snapchat users can look up for these shows within the discover section, where this app collects all of its professionally produced media pieces.

So, these were some hard-hitting things that app developers are planning to bring, or have already brought in within the month of October 2018. It’s an unbeatable fact that technology is flourishing every market, and thus, there is no stopping! Social media will continue the convergence and amalgamation that will surely be the benefit for humankind.