A Professional Photography Experience with the Camera+2 App

If you are serious about photography and fond of taking photos, then you do deserve a good photography app that can make the whole experience a memorable one. IOS has recently launched a new and upgraded manual photography app known as Camera+2, which is a well developed and designed successor of the old app known as camera+. It being a new and revamped app replaced the Camera+, in order to provide a top notch experience.

Camera +2 app iOS

Camera+2 can work on both the latest iphones and the iPad models, and can work well with the inbuilt iPhone camera. In the previous version of the Camera+ some features were not available without money but in camra+2 all the features are easily available. The Camera+2 app consist of the manual controls, accompanied with an easy to use interface which is great for the beginners. It comes with white balancing options and a built –in RAW shooting and dept options. It allows adjustments to be made in the white balance, ISO, macro and the shutter speed. Along with the adjustments to the ISO, white balance and the shutter speed, one can also choose the focal length but only if the iphone you are using has a dual camera. This camera app is also great for editing pictures and one can easily switch from mode to the other.

Features of the Camera+2 App

Camera+2 app is equipped with a lot of unique and useful features which make the app stand out from the rest.

Shooting modes – The latest version of the Camera+, which is known as the camera+2 is well equipped and has different shooting modes that help in taking the best shots at the right time.
Smile detector – There is a smile detector option that waits for the smile to take a picture. Moreover there is a stabilizer mode that won’t let one shoot the photo unless you are holding the phone still.
The macro mode – Camera+2 also has a macro mode which is exclusive and lets one take close photos.
Editing tools – It has editing tools that can not only edit the images taken from the Camera+2 but also the images there in the camera roll.
Lightbox – The lightbox is a new feature that stores all the photos in the app without having to import them.

Along with all these features there are other features like the one-touch filters, along with advanced tools like the tone curve and layered filters. Camera+2 is amazing app which has a lot of new features to offer, it gives the photographer the liberty to take pictures according to their choice, which was not there in the previous Camera+. The only default that this app has is that its portrait mode is not quite smooth like the original camera, while the other shooting modes are great to use. So in case you are bored of your phone’s camera and want a professional shooting experience, then Camera+2 is a great app to download and use.